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I know a lot of Pearl Jam`s history, some meanings of songs and all lyrics, and a good deal about Eddie Vedder. I have access to up-to-date Pearl Jam news and Info!

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My friends get sick of me talking about/listening to Pearl Jam all the time!

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Pearl Jam is my all-time favorite music group. I've been a fan since the beginning..

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Luke08/27/12101010thanks for your efforts. appreciate it.
Bright Star01/22/12101010Agreed. What I am fascinated by is .....
Paco Ariza08/15/11101010Lots of thanks Sarah, I know that .....
Tracy Adkins05/15/11101010Thanks it's been a while so maybe .....
Summers03/30/10101010great help

Recent Answers from Sarah Knowlton

2011-10-10 PJ audio in my You Tube video:

Hi Judy,    I was looking at YouTube's statement about Uploading video.  And I'm not sure, but I think as long as it's your own video, it's OK if you use PJ's music in the background.  I've seen a lot

2011-09-28 Touring geography not covered:

Hello,    Honestly, I'm not sure how the band picks their touring route and how much control they have over which areas they play in.  I don't doubt that Eddie would love to play PR and I know he would

2011-08-09 Questions!:

Hi Paco,    Thanks for your questions, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I was on vacation.     1) It looks like Pearl Jam did play a show in Tijuana, but yes, it's actually pretty hard to find any

2011-08-06 Indifference Book:

Hi David,     I think I found the post you were referring to, the questioner did mention writing a book, but I wasn't actually the one writing the book.  I've never heard anything more about the project

2011-05-09 Pearl jam:

Hi Tracy,    Unfortunately, I'm having no luck figuring out which CD this might have been.  The official Pearl Jam release, "Vs", is orange in color, but it would not have had Jeremy and Evenflow on it


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