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I can answer any question regarding Pearl Jam's career, music, albums, songs, setlists,when what song was played, varied versions of songs, lyrics, important dates, members, and general history of the band, all the releases, concert poster info too. Try to keep personal questions about members of the band to a minimum, although I am well versed in Eddie's life. I have a lot of info to fall back on that I have personally experienced.

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I have loved Pearl Jam since hearing Jeremy in 1992. I've been to 29 PJ shows. I have all 72 2ooo Bootlegs. I am 1 away from having all 72 2003 bootlegs. I have all the 2008 physical bootlegs too. Many other import singles, a large collection of Pearl Jam music in general, in the Ten Club, 10 concert posters up on my wall and 10 more to be framed, and a stickman tattoo. I am also tapped into a HUGE network of fans.If you've got a question, and it has to do with Pearl Jam, I'm your man.


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2012-10-04 Bootleg:

Hey man,     There are just so, so many unauthorized Pearl Jam bootlegs. I have heard of a lot, but have not heard or seen this one. It is tough to search too, due to the name. It is interesting to me

2010-04-22 concerts:

Well I'm not really sure you've got the right outlet here to vent your frustrations. I really don't know what to say to you because I was not asked anything.     As a loyal follower of the band for 20

2010-04-06 U.S. tour:

Hi Wes,     As of now, no. I only plan on going to the Noblesville Indiana show out of the shows announced thus far. I am saving for a wedding this year, so reeling it in a little.    The Noblesville show

2009-12-07 2006 Bridge school benefit:

The song is entitled "I used to work in Chicago"    Here is the wiki entry for the song: (there is mention of pearl jam)      Here are two different

2009-10-12 2003 offficial bootlegs:

Of the 72 2003's     I would have to recommend the following:    Australians    Feb 16th Adelaide #6  feb 23rd Perth #10    The Japanese Ones were VERY small and intimate shows. All of them are great.


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