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If I can`t answer it, I may be able to find someone who can.

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I've maintained the FAQ file since 1992. I am the Executive Director of the Mockingbird Foundation, founded by Phish fans in 1997, and Executive Editor of The Phish Companion, the largest, most accurate, and most complete book about the band.


I have a PhD in Sociology. I have a PhD in Sociology. I have a PhD in Sociology. I have a PhD in Sociology.

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kim10/20/04101010Right on, he's the man!
adrian10/20/04101010Rad, man - he knows his phishtory!
Latija09/23/04101010Very quick response, thank you!
Owen Schreiber08/24/0410

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2010-02-01 Festival 8:

First, welcome to the phold. We took our kids (4 and 6) to the 3rd day of Indio - they're first, though our ~105th, lol.    I'm not exactly sure what you mean, because there are a number of band antics

2009-04-06 phish 101 songs poster:

I have a copy hanging here above my desk, but have never looked for hints. However, I quickly found a number of hints through Google, which I recommend. Try these links for a start:    A list of 50:  http://www

2005-02-01 Ride Captin Ride:

these shows have been torrented, so you might find an active torrent or contact someone who got the files that way. see for example:

2004-09-12 future phish shows:

Phish officially broke up. That information should be on any Phish-related website you look at (,, etc.). Therefore, no, there will not be any Phish shows from now until the end of the


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