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I can answer pretty much anything...if you have list w no dates I`ll know it...if you need to know stats I`ll definitely be able to expertise is in deciphering quotes, teases and jams inserted in other tunes: eg> 1st `simple` jam is 3-27-93 not proof is the fact that the song was debuted in the same building (warfield) 1 yr and 2 months later...also, on 10-19-96 during `...antelope` at the quiet reggae section right before the lyrics trey and page do a little `mound` tease.

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between 8-7-93 & 8-14-04 i have seen 87 shows...i have numerous blurbs in the almanac and consider myself a phanatic...


revolving door,pharmers college i wrote a term paper for a guy on my hockey team which for a small fee i allowed him to credit to himself that ended being published in the new yorker (1994)


2 years of community college @ north country community college in saranac lake, ny.....1 year @ the university of wisconsin in river falls.....9 credits shy of a bachelors degree in critical journalism..

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2009-06-28 Guelah Papyrus:

Here's what i know for sure>>>>>Trey had a childhood friend named Dave Abrahams......he (looks too much like Dave from "McGrupp" and the Dave from "Daves Energy Guide"...he also contributed to a couple

2009-03-31 101 songs poster:

first of all, i apologize for the delayed reply as my internet has been outta commission for the past coupla weeks thanks to my soon-2-b-4mer cat.......anyway, i have seen that poster only once....if you

2006-10-20 piano tabs:

nope....i never found ANYTHING @ all....the guy that played keys in our band played the notes ( of the chords i was playing)underneath the chords i was playing....that was in 2002 and i can't remember

2006-06-11 TMWSIY:

hey, now.....i just got this last night as my wife & i celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on sat night/sunday morning by going to see our local ( buffalo, ny) Grateful Dead cover band twice...the first

2006-06-10 TMWSIY:

hey, brian, how goes it????...okay, b4 i go doing this i need some clarification>>>are you looking for a "best of" GH tunes from actual GH performances??? or just the best of the best performances of GH


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