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I know all their music, as well as quite a bit about their personal lives. And anything I don`t happen to know, I can definitely find, if it is out there to be found.

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I have been a Poison fan for over 10 years. I have followed them very closely.

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John Stromberg07/11/04101010T h a n k s lol
sean05/09/04101010Thanks, your list almost matched mine exactly .....
lucia Rivera08/28/01101010

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2005-04-05 Poison=Great???:

Well, I don't personally rank them with Ozzy or Metallica, However, I do consider them to be close to GnR. While I have also heard CC DeVille called the worst Guitar Player of all time, I have also heard

2004-06-20 Recommended CD?:

Hey Sarah! I really enjoy "Best of Ballads & Blues" It has a lot of their ballads on there, new and old. One of my favorites is the cd "Flesh & Blood" Or for another old and new with a little of everything

2004-05-05 rock:

Hmmm, well, I guess I would have to say, most definitely Poison. I also think Bon Jovi, Ratt, Warrant(I know, I know But I really liked alot of their songs) Guns N Roses. Even though they don't all like


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