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A frequent source for books, radio shows, movies and television projects about Elvis Presley. More of a expert on his life and times than of memorabilia and albums. If you are looking for what an item is worth, you might want to try another expert on the AllExperts Website but welcome any and all questions. As an expert on Elvis Presley, Cory draws from his vast knowledge and his deep ties to others in the Elvis world. Included among his contacts are authors, band members, performers and members of the "Memphis Mafia," the close group of bodyguards, friends and employees that worked with and protected Elvis Presley.

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Guest speaker on the topic of Elvis Presley. Cory has appeared on countless nationally syndicated radio programs across the United States and Canada, including Coast to Coast with George Noory. Additionally, Cory has been a contributor to Internet and local radio shows as well as for a variety of Elvis publications, was asked to be a featured guest on MSNBC and has been a frequent guest contributor to E! Entertainment Online. Cory can also be contacted at

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I have always been impressed with the impact, talent, showmanship, unselfishness and humanitarian that was Elvis Presley.

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One of Elvis` last concerts before his eight year hiatus from live performances was to raise money for the Arizona Memorial In Pearl Harbor.

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Recent Answers from Cory Cooper

2014-12-30 Elvis Presley:

Hi Emily,    Elvis did not have really thick hair on his legs or armpits but yes he did have hair. I do not know if he ever shaved his legs but it could have been possible he did for a movie role.    Thank

2014-11-22 chicken of the sea:

Hi Christy,    From what I've been told, these are items that were not made by the Chicken of The Sea Company. Although they did sponsor the Aloha from Hawaii Concert, they supposedly did not put out these

2014-10-26 elvis record:

Hi Christy,    You might want to try on and see if anyone is selling the same item you have to give you an example of what your item is selling for. I don't know about your certain item but

2014-10-04 birth certificate:

Hi Pierre,    Thats a nice item to have but a copy of Elvis Presley's Birth Certificate is not worth as much as you might think. An unframed copy can go for less than $10.00.    Thank you for the question

2014-08-24 Songs:

Hi Donna,    J.D. Sumner and the Stamps, the Statesmen, Jake Hess and Kathy Westmoreland sang some of Elvis' favorite hymns including "Heavenly Father."    The Blackwood Brothers were Glady's favorite


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