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I'm sorry, but I can't answer questions on the value of Elvis memorabilia...I have a vast collection of things...and they are all priceless to I never look for the value of an item. I cannot validify or counter the authenticity of any Elvis item or memorabilia....But I will glad to answer any question about Elvis and his life. I have "studied" Elvis since I was about 8 yrs. old. I am now 44. Have been to Graceland several times and try to go every year for the anniversary. In my spare time, I am all over the internet looking for anything to do with Elvis. My family calls me an "Elvis freak" instead of a fan...I`m very proud of that title...ha. I am not really into dates of song releases and such as that, but if you need to know anything about Elvis`s life, right down to what his mother called milk, I can answer just about anything. However, I cannot answer questions as to the value of items you may have. I loved Elvis very much and care deeply for his memory and will always be respectful of that as I would hope everyone will.

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I am also an Elvis expert on have loved Elvis for about 35 years now, although he died when I was only 12, I am now 44 and I have learned just nearly everything you can possibly think of about the man that is in print or on film.


I am an Elvis Fan Club president and member of many online Elvis fan clubs.




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I like EVERYTHING about Elvis Presley!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to learn more about the dates his songs were released, so I can be more helpful with those questions.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Elvis Presley was a kind hearted, very caring person who very much cared about people everywhere.

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Everyone thinks that Elvis was such a "druggy"...the truth is he was just a human being who had weaknesses, and a low self-esteem....just like we all have.

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2017-02-13 Elvis and Bob Joyce:

Hello Diane...thank you very much for your question.  There is no truth to Elvis being Bob Joyce.  Elvis Presley passed away on 08/16/1977.  I'm sorry, I can't give you any information on a Reverand Bob

2017-01-23 Family members of Elvis Presley:

Hello Peggy..thank you very much for your question.    Gladys had 5 sisters and 6 brothers. Gladys' sister Lillian's first husband was Charles Mann.  They had 3 children-Lola, Billy and Bobbie...but no

2016-11-27 Jesse Garon:

Hello Lou...thank you for your question.  Elvis was born a twin.  His twin brother, Jesse Garon died at birth.  Elvis has no other siblings.     I hope this has helped you.  If you ever have any other

2015-01-27 GOD parents:

Hi Emily..thank you very much for your question.  I'm not aware that Elvis had God the south..most families just take care of each other's kids if anything happens to the parents.    I hope

2015-01-09 Fan Mail:

Hi Billy...thank you very much for your question.  I'm sure a lot of the fan mail had to be discarded...but a lot of it was saved...and can still be seen on the tour of Graceland in Vernon's office, behind


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