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I can answer questions pertaining to his spiritual beliefs,his childhood,his parents,his marriage and reasons for breakup, his relationships and the woment he dated,his life as father to Lisa Marie,his personal struggles, his benevolent side,and the people who he took care of financially over the years, as well as his uncompleted dreams.

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I am a psychotherapist by training who has studied and analyzed the life and death of the greatest entertainer of all time.


Several Elvis organizations and many professional organizations.


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I have a Masters degree,2 licensures and multiple certifications in my field. I am also a free lance writer.

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Lisa-Marie Imray05/31/1110Thank you Beverly it helped a lot .....

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2011-02-06 Religion:

Hey Sam! Yes you are exactly right! Elvis grew up in the Assembly of God Church, a Penecostal Holiness Church which is Christian and Protestant. It is charismatically Christian and in large part based

2010-08-06 Priscilla makeup:

Hey there Emily! interesting inquiry. Im not into Priscilla, so I will try and kick that question out to the pool. The big focus on her of course has been all her plastic surgeries which suggest she has

2010-08-01 Graceland:

Hi Marsha! Hope all is well. Im just getting this question! There are floorplans to Graceland. let me check that for you if  you still need them.  About your questions re wetars, etc; Elvis wasnt a big

2010-05-28 Lisa Marie:

Hello there Mary! I have not kept up with the little "burgerbed" since these  were posted in September 10 of 2007 complete with color photo of the warm fuzzy looking bed in online Auctions:  "Cuddling

2010-05-15 Elvis:

Hey Emily.I'm not sure why I am just now getting this so I hope you got your question answered. Elvis drank Pepsis mostly, and alot of them!He may very well have drank it. There are plenty of people still


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