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rené doormann ottesen


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all about elvis presley,his music and life... I will answer your question as fast as possible.

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all about elvis presley


Memphis Mansion Randers,Denmark


elvis unlimited magazine, elvis news magazine, Memphis mansion (former graceland randers) website (news & rewiews ),who murdered elvis (book by steve ubaney) etc.


Work at the Danish elvis fan Club,Memphis Mansion Randers, been helping with information in books, released many articles, rewiewed many elvis releases in the "elvis unlimited", "elvis news" & other magazines, president of the "elvis Presley Club" ( )and have contact with several friends and Family of the Presleys.

What do you like about this subject?

I love Elvis...the music,the story,his life...

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I'll hope to learn more about elvis through the questions given

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

elvis' last words was "ok,I won't"...

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Bernadette 11/16/14101010If I'm wrong about the May Mann .....
Bernadette 11/16/14101010Well it's certainly very interesting. I think .....
christy johnson11/08/14101010on cue thanx
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Recent Answers from rené doormann ottesen

2014-11-16 Elvis Death Conspiracy:

hi Bernadette.  we can only take for granted what the people that found him has said, what the peramedicts on the scene said, and what the 12 doctors present at his autopsy said. he was dead when they

2014-11-16 Elvis and Bone Cancer:

hi Bernadette. there is a book written by his nurse, her name is marion cooke. go to site:    it's called "I called him babe" (released 1979)    it's been a long time

2014-11-15 Elvis and Bone Cancer:

dear Bernadette. the book was written by a Hollywood reporter called may mann. elvis and her became friends over the year, and she wrote 3 books; elvis and the colonel (1975), the private elvis (1977)

2014-11-11 Jim Dandy:

Hi Georgine    the reason Elvis sometimes called J.D. Sumner for Jim Dandy is simply because his real name was John Daniel Sumner, nicknamed Jim Dandy or J.D. as simple as that.      tcb & tlc from rené

2014-07-02 that's allright?:

hi. elvis recorded the song 5th of july 1954 at sun studio, the same day he recorded harbor lights and I love you because... the b-side is blue moon of Kentucky, he recorded that on 7th of july 1954.sam


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