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Your question is my challenge, I`m updated on news, gossip and where to find everything on the net since I have system over what info there is about Radiohead officially and unofficially. Feel free to share opinions, philosophies, gossip and thoughts about Radiohead as well.

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Kristy10/01/11101010Thank you :)
Leo12/14/10101010Excellent vid! Thanks for the quick and .....
Cynthia10/12/10101010Thank you so much for your help!
nawd01/01/101010your answer was very helpful . thanks Andreas!

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2010-12-13 In Rainbows meaning:

There's this interview on:  Where this is asked...    ___________________    Q: Why is it called In Rainbows?    A: 'Um,' says Thom Yorke in the manner in which

2010-11-13 Movie with Creep as end tune:

Yes, I feared it was not S.F.W.     Its years and years since I got this question, but I know there's other people who has been looking for it(on forums, or allexperts), and seemingly without any luck

2010-11-12 Movie with Creep as end tune:

Hello, Amadeo    Is this the movie that is not S.F.W(Jerfrey Levy, 1994)?  That is at least also a depressing movie about teenagers. Although I get a flashback from this telling me I've answered this before

2010-02-24 Radiohead Piano Piece:

Hello Andrew.     Yes, interesting. It seems like a unfinished instrumental version of I Want None Of This. Maybe this is a recording from before it was finished... or perhaps he can't play it the way

2009-12-30 chomsky:

Hello,  First. I am a bit puzzled why you ask about Noam Chomsky to a Radiohead expert!     But I have read some Chomsky, and consider myself somewhat a fan(although probably not an expert).  and it is


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