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I can answer any question regarding Seven of Nine. Her past, her family, the Borg, etc. I have watched Voyager since its premiere in January of `95 and all the way up to its end in May of 2001. Since her debut in the 4th season, Seven became my favorite character.

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Have seen every episode of Star Trek Voyager and have watched the episodes with Seven of Nine repeatedly


I am already an expert for Allexperts.com in the areas of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager

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jeroen10/25/041010Sarcastic, slow, and angry, but other than .....
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2004-10-10 Borg:

John,    Since you've obviously seen the episode (you know the episode name as well as the fact that Q2 removed Seven's clothing), I don't really understand the point in asking a question to which you

2004-10-09 Borg strength:

John,    First, this question has nothing to do with 7 of 9.    Second, these are all subjective questions.  There is no right answer to anything you're asking because none of these issues have been raised


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