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I can answer a lot of answers regarding the members, mainly John Frusciante and Flea. Also I can answer to some technical questions regarding the type of playing or equipment since I play bass and guitar. I can't answer to questions about tour or their address' since I'm not from the USA. I also can't answer to all questions about lyrics, for that I recommend some other expert in this area.

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I've been listening RHCP all my life. They're the reason I started playing and listening to rock. I've read every article I could read about them, saw every dvd I was able to get. I have all of their albums, dvds, and a large number of B sides.


Currently, I'm studying English on the faculty of Belgrade, Serbia. I've been playing guitar and bass since 2007. I use my spare time to play in a RHCP tribute band. Hope I'll be as good as them if I keep practicing.

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I'm honored to be a Red Hot Chili Peppers expert and to have such a great band to admire.

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2016-12-16 red hot chili peppers tour:

Hello Andreas!    Sadly, I don't really know how to answer this question. I have never been to the US and I only watched RHCP once in a festival performance so I can't tell you from personal experience

2013-05-16 Duck logo:

Unfortunately, I can't find the exact year. It is mentioned on one site that they've used that logo since 1985, but all the memorabilia with the duck logo is from Californication era, the Off the Map tour

2013-05-16 Duck logo:

Hi Lynn,    I must admit I haven't seen this logo for a while and I had to look it up. This is what I found on one of the fansite forums:    "According to Blackie, Anthony's Dad, when he questioned the

2012-07-03 Hard to Concentrate marraige proposal:

Hey Wesley,    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any interview with Anthony or Flea saying anything about that. Wikipedia mentions it, but nothing official. Here's an interview from their SA DVD where they

2011-08-11 RHCP:

Hey there!     I'm really not sure whether RHCP themselves have to authorize your video or their music label.   Since "Californication" album was published by Warner Bros Records, you should probably try


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