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I will answer anything basic about their band members, but mostly specialize in playing their songs. I have moderate guitar experience, and know places to obtain their tabs (lyrics are a little harder, but I can try anyway).

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Have known of Soundgarden for some years. Can immdeiately remember how to play OUTSHINED, SPOONMAN, etc. off the top of my head.

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Soundgarden didn't start in the grunge period brought on predominantly by Nirvana. Soundgarden has been big since 1985.

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John05/16/04101010Thank you very much for the info .....

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2004-12-06 Soundgarden Song Mystery:

I looked through my lyrics database and I couldn't find any "I'm free" or "Free" lyric in there. However, that doesn't mean it isn't possible. Given that the song was played on the radio, I have a hunch

2004-05-12 tabs:

My younger brother, who is an avid jazz bassist in his high school, downloaded a program called Guitar Pro that is a killer program for tabbing. The program itself allows you to tab or to download tablature


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