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Know a lot about the CDs Stabbing Westward has out (promo stuff too). Also have tidbit info on the band/songs and the latest scoop on the band.

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Tony Asplund06/29/03101010Thank you so much
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Recent Answers from Lance Johnson

2006-12-14 Save Yourself:

Heya,  Not sure how much I can help you. The song was written by Chris Hall about how many fans seem to turn to him and look up to him for help. Stabbing Westward music is generally about angst and other

2006-07-26 Stabbing Westward:

Lucy,  No, I'm sorry, but Stabbing Westward does not have a myspace site. SW broke up back in 2001 before myspace was around (I think). I'd make a myspace site for them, but I couldn't place any of their

2006-04-12 Hopeless - Darkest Days import:

Heya Jason,  I'm sorry, I no longer have an extra copy of that import. Hopeless is a very cool song though. I will see if I can find a copy for you. If you are looking for other SW material, then send

2004-10-07 Stabbing Westward Discography?:

Heya,  I have made an SW discography at  I will eventually get it moved over the the official SW wesbite (which I run). The discography is only of official material

2004-09-03 p.o.m.f:

Heya,  POMF was one of four original demo songs from a demo cassette called 'Iwo Jima' that SW made back in 1990/1991. It is EXTREMELY unlikely that you would find an original cassette. You may be able


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