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As the only listed expert in the Stevie Ray Vaughan category, the one thing I'm most knowledgeable about is his playing style. I also know a great deal about his arsenal of guitars and amps. I can even go into detail about his songs/albums.

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I have 8 years of guitar playing under my belt currently. I'm playing in a blues band, where I end up stealing many an SRV lick here and there, and mixing it in with my numerous other influences.


No official degree, but I've been studying music theory since the age of 8.

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Jean-Francois11/07/06101010Hi thank you very much... I saw .....

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2011-09-08 srv stratocaster 1989 ?:

It's pretty hard to tell just from looking at a fretboard whether it's Pao Ferro or Brazilian Rosewood, because the two are VERY similar, and the grains of both can vary quite a lot.  Plus, even though

2006-11-06 life without you live:

Hi, Jean-Francois.    I just re-listened to that track to hear the sound you're talking about.  Man, I forgot how good that version is.    It's hard to say with any real authority which pedal he's using

2006-09-21 Playing:

Hi, Trevor.    Rude Mood is a tough one!  I'm still working on mastering that one.  I know exactly the part you're talking about.  In that section, he's dancing around in the E major pentatonic scale (or


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