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Any questions regarding drumming--rudiments, fills, beats, reading music, tabs, other topics. Any questions regarding drums--buying, tuning, etc. Please do not flag questions as "private". To do so prevents others from benefiting from the answer. For this reason,I will not answer private questions.

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I have been a private drum instructor for 20 years. I own and operate May Music Studio. http://www.may-studio-music-lessons.com


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Ba, Ma

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Glenn12/18/12101010Very thorough and exact. Thank you!
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Recent Answers from Lynne May

2013-07-27 Storing Drum set in Garage:

Hi, Michelle--    I would not recommend storing the drums in a garage unless the garage is insulated, heated, and cooled in the same manner as your house is.    It is not so much the washer and dryer,

2012-12-16 Drums & noise level:

Hi, Glen--    The Rhythm Traveler comes with silent mesh muffle heads and plastic cymbals that are reported to deliver realistic response and to be very quiet.    Sounds like this kit might just be the

2012-12-15 Drums & noise level:

Hi, Glenn--    Yes, acoustic drums are loud. You can purchase pads for the snare drum and the toms. You can also put a big pillow or a blanket in front of the bass drum. The cymbals really do not carry

2012-11-09 Trading Noble & Cooley shell kit for Fibes shell kit:

Hi, John--    This is a very personal kind of decision. I have not had personal experience with either set, but I can give you further input based on several things:    1. YOUR description of the two kits

2011-05-17 Learning to Play Drums:

Hi, Richard--    The world definitely needs more female drummers!  I think that your idea is a good one. A few lessons with a good teacher will get her started with some basics that she might not discover


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