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I can answer questions regarding drum and percussion subjects. If you have a question about technique, rudiments, grooves, fills, styles, reading (etc.) in relation to the drum set... ask away! I'm also able to help with timpani, vibes, marimba and hand percussion. I can also answer questions regarding the purchasing of drum and percussion instruments and accessories, including vintage and current items. I can help with restoration projects or research with the history of percussion instruments, music, repertoire, manufacturers etc.

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I've been playing professionally and teaching music for 25 years. I'm involved in many genres of music and have played with a wide range of musicians from Todd Rundgren to Zubin Mehta. I'm also very interested in the instruments themselves and have owned or played many interesting ones.


Professional Drum Teachers Guild


Bachelor of Music, The Juilliard School

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2017-02-05 stomping/bass drum question:

Yes, when someone stomps their foot on a hard surface, it puts a lot of strain and pressure on the knee more so than the ankle.  A couple of basic exercises to get started would be to play 4 quarter notes

2017-02-04 stomping/bass drum question:

Hi Hank,  Yes, we do have exercises but they involve using a bass drum pedal. In terms of stomping (like on the old blues records which is very cool) I don't know what to suggest except be careful not

2016-11-02 Jenco chimes:

Hi,  Yes, that was me.  There are facebook groups like vintage drums for sale etc. etc. You may try some of those. Also contacting the conservatories might put you in touch with a student or teacher interested

2016-07-03 swing:

Hi Hank,  Excellent question. The definitions you got for a shuffle are good ones. Both shuffles and jazz rhythms are "swung" (triplet feel leaving out middle note etc.). The difference being, the patterns

2016-05-18 rolls:

Hi Joel,  Welcome to the drumming community. The conventional way to play the intro to The National Anthem is to use a "buzz roll" or long roll as it's referred to in the NARD list of rudiments. It's an


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