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I answer a variety of drums & percussion related questions. I have multiple music degrees and years of experience in the field.

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15 years professional experience.



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To appreciate something you must first understand it. If a style of music has not yet lost grasp of your interest or preference, try getting a deeper understanding of its meaning and purpose. This may find you with the freedom to appreciate and enjoy more styles of music than you thought was possible.

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2012-12-13 left handed drumming configuration:

You can use any variation within your set-up that you wish; the degree with which you might have to adjust to or learn a mirrored technique or altered placement of instruments will depend on how much of

2012-09-30 snare buzz:

Consider all variables with all constants and create a checklist covering all combinations of settings and adjustments. Go through the checklist until finding the desired sound. There are cases in which

2012-03-07 Hi Hat Problem:

Hello,    After placing the lower cymbal on the hi-hat cymbal seat you will need to place the upper cymbal between the two clutch washers and fasten the clutch at the two washers, thus securing the upper

2011-12-28 Snare Drum:

Hello,    The color or tint of the bottom drum head does not determine if it's appropriate for use as a snare head. It is generally important that the snare head (the bottom drum head) is a thinner material

2011-09-16 Rogers drum decals:

Hello,    Contact local music stores and the music departments at universities and colleges in your area. Networking through those sources will help. The question of if it is difficult to find them, at


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