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the"Drum Doctor"/ Mike Fillion


All percussion & drum questions including:history-construction- repairs,refinishing,restorations,conversions,custom building & cymbal questions.Also any questions about the music business-touring-studios and producing.

Experience in the area

Professional drummer for 51 years.Owned drum repair shop since 1966-trained at 2 factories.Performed worldwide with over 40 major acts.
Performed in 45 states, 22 countries and covered 1 million miles Info about all repairs-custom work-drum construction-history-tuning and performance.


Almost 2 years college--Seminole Community College, Orlando Junior College + Kansas State University--percussion performance & music education.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

There are too many so-called "experts" out there giving out wrong information. You need to get your advice from someone who has a proven background and track record. Someone who has done something part-time for 5-10 years,is NOT an expert.

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2017-01-15 Floor tom legs, mounting?:

Joel,    Yes 360 degrees divided by 3 is 120 degrees--BUT---nothing is written in concrete.  You can put the leg bracket whever you want as long as you are close to that 120 degrees--  that balances the

2017-01-12 Vintage Ludwig drum kit value:

That kit "should" be worth $1600--$1800---BUT---  The concert toms and super sensitive snare bring that value down.  Very few people wants those drums.    So the prices I have seen lately have been around

2016-05-26 Drum Kit Set Up:

Nicole,    Yes this is a service that I provide.    For the distance, I charge $60 and will give it a very good going over.        What brand of drums are they?    How many drums are there?    Are they

2016-03-05 ludwig drum repair:

I am sorry about not answering sooner---my computer died.    I would need to see several pictures in order to be able to give you the best advice.    Please send them to    I'll get

2015-07-02 Jen-Co vibraphone restoration:

Beth,    You can use any type of felt for the dampner (as long as it is almost the same thickness)  I have gotten the felt from Jo-Ann and Michaels craft stores.  I have also gotten it from a military


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