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the"Drum Doctor"/ Mike Fillion


All percussion & drum questions including:history-construction- repairs,refinishing,restorations,conversions,custom building & cymbal questions.Also any questions about the music business-touring-studios and producing.

Experience in the area

Professional drummer for 51 years.Owned drum repair shop since 1966-trained at 2 factories.Performed worldwide with over 40 major acts.
Performed in 45 states, 22 countries and covered 1 million miles Info about all repairs-custom work-drum construction-history-tuning and performance.


Almost 2 years college--Seminole Community College, Orlando Junior College + Kansas State University--percussion performance & music education.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

There are too many so-called "experts" out there giving out wrong information. You need to get your advice from someone who has a proven background and track record. Someone who has done something part-time for 5-10 years,is NOT an expert.

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Recent Answers from the"Drum Doctor"/ Mike Fillion

2016-05-26 Drum Kit Set Up:

Nicole,    Yes this is a service that I provide.    For the distance, I charge $60 and will give it a very good going over.        What brand of drums are they?    How many drums are there?    Are they

2016-03-05 ludwig drum repair:

I am sorry about not answering sooner---my computer died.    I would need to see several pictures in order to be able to give you the best advice.    Please send them to    I'll get

2015-07-02 Jen-Co vibraphone restoration:

Beth,    You can use any type of felt for the dampner (as long as it is almost the same thickness)  I have gotten the felt from Jo-Ann and Michaels craft stores.  I have also gotten it from a military

2015-03-07 Yama Musik Power Drum Set:

Dino,    I have never heard of it either.    If that is the case, then I think that it is not a separate company, but   a brand that is made by one of the major companies / factories that make several

2015-01-30 E-Drums:

There are too many brands and models to try suggesting what you should buy.  Read the owners manual and that should tell you what would work.  Go to local music stores and tsalk to someone in the PA department


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