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I can answer any questions related to guitar playing in any popular style, which includes; theory, harmony, technique, chords, arpeggios, improv, maintenance (not repairs), buying advice, picks, strings, effects, amps, etc. I WILL NOT answer any questions about appraisals, serial numbers, or anything related. Please be concise in asking a question so that we can keep the back and forth to a minimum. Lastly, please avoid asking questions that have already been answered ;)

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I've been a full-time professional working guitarist and instructor for 15 years. I've played in a wide variety of groups covering a wide variety of styles. As a teacher I've taught all levels and ages from 6 to 60.


American Federation of Musicians


Honors Graduate - Humber College Music (Performance/Arranging/Composition) Honors Graduate - Humber College G.A.S. Music

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2010-04-07 background noise on my amp:

Ok if that's the case, then a good place to start is with your pre amp tubes (I think you have 5 in that amp).  You can do all of them at once or one at a time.  If you decide to do one at a time, start

2010-04-07 background noise on my amp:

Grounding usually makes a different sound, but you can try to test it by doing the following:    1) Test the amp in various outlets in the house/apartment that are on different breakers.  2) test it out

2010-04-06 background noise on my amp:

Hey Steven,    I'll try to help as best as I can, troubleshooting a tube amp can be tricky work ;)  When did you buy the amp? Was it from a store? Is the hiss/shh present whether or not an instrument is

2010-03-27 old madeira guitar:

Dating instruments can be tough, so all I can suggest is doing some homework on the internet and maybe with blue book.  Here's a start at what you might look at :)      The serials here may or may not

2010-03-14 Choosing Song For Grandma:

Easy!  "A Song for Mama" - Boyz II Men.  Yeah I know it's a cheesy 90's tune,  but the lyrics were written specifically for an occasion like this :)  You can easily play it on acoustic and it sounds fantastic!


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