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I can answer questions on the USA made Fender Bullet 1981 to 1983. Also questions on vintage Fender Mustangs from 1964 onwards. If I do not know the answers, I will try my best to find out for you.

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30 plus years as a semi pro guitar player in covers bands in the UK. I own a lot of USA Fender Bullets & several vintage Fender Mustangs. All my guitars are set up by myself & I have also completed some restoration work on some of the guitars.


Self taught from the age of 15 & play by ear. Educated by playing quite a few different styles of music with loads of musicians over the years.

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Ken Jenkins06/16/14101010Thank you for your response and interest .....
Keith07/13/13101010Very well answered and honest too. Thanks .....

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2015-08-06 Standard Fender Telecaster Pick Ups:

Hi Tracy, good you are in the Uk as it makes things easier regards to purchasing etc, I am in Kent.   Usually both pickups are replaced, but sometimes one can be replaced, the reason is about balance between

2015-08-03 Standard Fender Telecaster Pick Ups:

Hi Tracy, a lot depends on what type of music your husband plays & what sound he requires, more info would help to assist you, also where in the world are you based ?

2014-11-30 Fender Telecaster:

Hi Kenneth,  Without seeing the guitar in the flesh, I can only make assumptions, you don't mention any other info.     I am always skeptical concerning any guitar when a serial has been worn away, I would

2014-10-03 fender mustang:

Hi, I own several vintage mustangs myself, they are always worth restoring, but the job must be completed very well, the idea being to maintain the guitars value as a vintage instrument.   I cannot give

2014-06-18 Gagliano Guitar:

Hi Danielle, this is outside my area of expertise, but interesting none the less.    I can't find much info either, probably the same stuff as you found.     It looks like Gagliano is a brand name of Hopf


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