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Public school music teacher and music store owner willing to answer any questions about instruments, music education, any and all music related questions.

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2010-01-13 Fender frontman 25R:

Try these links    http://guitars.musiciansfriend

2008-06-22 epiphone or edwards or gibson:

Here is a nice epi b stock

2008-06-09 Beginning guitar player...:

I think starting on an acoustic is a good idea, as you said, less gear to purchase right away....take a look at the Johnson line      very

2008-06-09 Beginning guitar player...:

I wanted to ask, do you prefer an acoustic guitar or an electric?

2008-05-07 Left handed or right??:

If you make the mods on the guitar you mentioned it will work fine, it is always my advice to try to play righty....most people find it is not a problem....if she absolutely can't play righty, let her


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