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I answer a variety of guitar related questions. I have multiple music degrees and years of experience in the field.

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15 years professional experience.



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To appreciate something you must first understand it. If a style of music has not yet lost grasp of your interest or preference, try getting a deeper understanding of its meaning and purpose. This may find you with the freedom to appreciate and enjoy more styles of music than you thought was possible.

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2016-12-27 high e string break:

If the guitar is intended for standard tuning strings, gauges, and lengths, then the string should not break. If the strings are the correct type for that guitar, then they should not break when adjusting

2016-12-26 high e string break:

If you are tuning from g to e, then it will likely break, as that string is not intended to be that tight. If you are tuning one of the strings to its intended pitch and it breaks, then check that the

2016-10-14 Strings for low tunings:

If changing string gauges, be sure to adjust the truss rod so the neck won't warp.    Your best bet would be to take it into a music shop that has an instrument repair technician, they are also skilled

2016-08-11 playing fast:

There are many ways to go about it. A common one is to simply relax and play what feels right, which could mean leaving some out, and if it's fast enough it could even mean flipping the timing upside down

2015-01-16 Guitar Improvisation:

It helps to look at it for what it is, then determine how you want to go about performing it. Improvising is essentially a process of composing music on the spot. You can just go for it or you can analyze


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