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Guitar player since 1987. Studied at Musicians` Institute. Worked as guitar/music teacher since 1991.

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Since joining AllExperts I have been getting rated with 9's and 10's from most of the people I've answered questions from, so I guess that I must be doing something right. Not all that many people can be wrong. Questions about theory, technique, equipment, players, history, etc. welcome - just about anything in fact. The only things I prefer not to answer are requests for transcriptions, or equipment assessments/valuations.


Studied at Musicians` Institute.

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brian11/06/16101010thanks again, it'd be helpful if you .....
Robbie03/28/16101010Thanks Dave...yep no probs. Rgds Rob
Tracey Widdows08/06/15101010Thank you for a very detailed response .....
chad07/30/15101010Thank you for your answer. You answered .....

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2016-11-05 possible mods:

Hi Brian,  Take a look at...  Regards,  Dave

2016-11-04 possible mods:

Hello Brian,  Thanks for your question.  It's kind of hard to give a comprehensive answer without seeing your guitar, but I'll see what I can do.  Regarding bridges...the first one you linked to would

2016-08-04 hondo bass?:

Hi,  Thanks for your question.  I think you're correct in saying that it's a Hondo bass - from the photograph it certainly looks like the Hondo logo on the headstock.  Hondo were mostly active in the 70s

2016-08-02 Airline acoustic guitar:

Hello Nancy,  Thanks for your question.  The asymmetrical design of this guitar is what's known as a cutaway design.  It's not very traditional, but it is reasonably common on acoustic guitars.  As for

2016-03-31 Playing solos improvising shapes vs individual notes:

To be a complete guitarist/musician you need to be able to see both.    When you're thinking harmonically, i.e. how the notes you're playing relate to the underlying chords, you need to be able to think


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