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Any question relating to guitar playing: scales, chords, music theory, arpeggios, soloing, chord progressions, key signatures, buying a guitar, guitar tabs, writing guitar music, musical styles including rock, blues and classical. I can no longer answer questions as to the value of a guitar. Please do not flag your question as "Private", as this prevents other readers from benefiting. I will no longer answer "private" questions.

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I have played guitar for 30 years. Fifteen years of that time I spent traveling nationwide as a performer. I have owned and operated May Music Studio in Washington state for the last 20 years. I also teach piano and drums. Recently I have started a website which provides absolutely free music lessons:

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2014-07-01 Chords that match leads:

Hi, Stu--    Our website has free lessons to help you with both of your questions. Regarding how to improve  your leads, please visit these pages:

2014-04-07 Smaller hands affect potential to play guitar?:

Hi, Tina--    Your hands are not too small to play guitar. I have had many students whose hands were not finished growing and they did fine with all of the chords.    The strength that is required to play

2013-10-28 Intervals:

Hi, Michael--    The (minor 3rd) refers to the interval between the root and the b3. In other words, the interval  between E and G is a minor third. Similarly, the interval between G and A is a perfect

2013-07-01 Dating a Dobro Duolian:

Hi, Peter--    I will try to give you some helpful information, though I was unable to date the guitar by serial number.    The Duolian was actually manufactured by the National Guitar Company after they

2013-04-01 Singing and playing at the same time:

Hi, Arjun--    The usual approach is to learn each part separately and then try to put them together. It helps to break the song into small sections and practice each section separately.    If it is the


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