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I am a professional pianist for corporate/social events since 1983. Need some suggestions on getting started playing piano as a professional? How to prepare? PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME QUESTIONS REGARDING THE VALUE OF YOUR PIANO. I AM NOT AN APPRAISER AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT YOUR PIANO IS WORTH. SORRY!! - THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Lead Pianist Von Maur St. Charles 2008 Drake Chicago Palm Court Pianist Jan 2006-Mar 2007 Chicago -

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McDonald Corporation
Mayor Daley's Office Of Special Events Chicago History Museum Full Time Professional Pianist Since 1983. Special Events ~ Corporate and Social.

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2015-11-12 piano:

Hello!  You have already answered your own question is when you discovered that a digital piano felt nothing like a grand.   Acoustic pianos are nothing like digitals as you now know.   You have to press

2015-09-06 playing a solo:

Always a good idea to file the fingering on the music except under very unusual circumstances .   Sometimes my teacher would change this lingering for me .    Do not worry about tempo.  Take your time

2015-06-02 mordents:

I have no clue what notes you are reading and am rather confused by  your description of how this is supposedly stated on your music.. Is it possible to   send me a pic of what you are seeing??  Again

2015-06-01 mordents:

Hello, Hank,    Mordents ( trills) are played with 4th & 5th   fingers, typically.  Depends on what notes you are playing   & which key you are on before the trill.  Don't just use any fingers.   Either

2015-05-16 exercises:

Thanks for your note.    I could better advise you if you tell me how old you are - how  long you've been playing - and do you take lessons, currently?  Are you  a beginner??  When I was taking lessons


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