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PLEASE DO NOT ASK REGARDING PIANO APPRAISALS, EVALUATIONS, BUYING, SELLING etc. I HAVE VERY LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IN THIS MATTER. Sorry, but I WILL N-O-T ANSWER A-N-Y EVALUATION QUESTIONS, so PLEASE do not send these. However - I would LOVE TO ANSWER any questions regarding piano lessons, learning to play the piano, online piano courses, local piano tutors etc.

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I've been playing the piano for the last 30 years. Piano tutor and avid collector of so called "online" piano courses


BSc Aeronautics, MSc Computers, MBA Marketing - none related to piano teaching, I'm afraid. Though non-accredited, I've been teaching piano for 17 years.

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numerous private students

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Recent Answers from Andy Duvall

2010-11-13 A good way to learn piano?:

Hi,  I don't know what the teaching method at your school is, so my answer is a bit limited. HOWEVER, if you were given a book and told to just learn the placement of the notes and clefts - that seems

2010-05-18 Getting someone to write sheet music for me!:

Hi,  I'll do my best to help.    You can do this yourself, but it's a multistep process. I'll show alll steps, then show you a shortcut.    Step 1: Download and convert the YouTube vid to MP3 format. To

2010-04-12 Trek II Reverb Unit:

Hi,  Nothing gets me writing quicker than talk about Hammonds...    The reverb should definitely make a difference in sound. I have it on a B3 too, a friend on her 22H, 122, and Trek Bass. We both love

2010-02-25 Kline Nactmusic:

Hi Liza,  No problem.  Again - the easiest way to find is to search YouTube. In this case I guess you didn't find it due to a slight misspelling of the German name "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik".    Searching

2009-02-09 Learning the piano:

Hi Joe,  I'm glad you asked this question instead of continuing with the numbers as before. Personally, I really dislike most "learning by numbers" methods. Although they're supposed to train you to connect


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