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I am a professional musician, I can play by ear, I arrange music write music, teach music in the public school system, and teach privately. My father was a school music teacher, and I have written three volumes for teaching beginning string players, taking them from scratch to high school level. I have performed in a local production of Music Man (musical) with celebrities John Davidson/Susan Watson and have my masters degree in education. I retired from the classroom in 2004 with 38 yrs. experience-now still substituting for music- and writing arr. for my cello trio(with two audio cd's and one dvd of a performance) I have directed church choirs and am principal cellist in our local community orchestra. I really love to arrange music for the groups I perform in and sing and have music in my life every day. A day without music, is a mistake, like having a day without sunshine.

Experience in the area

Employment history: I have been employed by our local school district since 1967 as a music teacher from grades 1-12 Organizations: I play cello principal chair in the local community orchestra, and sing in a chorus,and perfom in a barbershop quartet

Education: My early life in high school and college was summer workshops in choral conducting with founder of Westminster Choir College (N.J.) Dr. John F.Williamson (in Who`s Who in Music) and summer workshops with Robert Shaw in San Diego Grad. of Sacramento STate Univ.and masters from Univ. of La VErne, ca

Awards: awarded the Bank of America award in my high school senior year for music

What do you like about this subject?

Music is therapy for the stressful things in the day. The soothing vibrations from personal humming and singing relax the body and calm the soul. I work on music arrangements daily-(or compose, or improvise on the piano)

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I still want to keep learning about the benefits of music on a persons' ability to think, reason and grasp intangible concepts.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Education for children with special needs has long known that Music skills and training improve their academic performance. So why hasn't main stream education known its value during the last 100 years? The right hand doesn't talk to the left hand. Music will keep your brain active and building connections between hemispheres.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The most misunderstood aspect of music is that it is thought of as a 'frill' in one's life. It may be a way to relax for many, but it is brain enhancing and mentally stimulating. I did my masters thesis on the subject of Music Makes People Smart (Smart People Make Music). Music training has shown to enhance academic scores.

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