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I can answer questions about Norway or the Norwegian language. I can also answer questions about American Sign Language and Deaf culture as a whole. I can provide translation help between Norwegian and English as long as the text is limited in length.

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Norwegian: I am married to a Norwegian man and spend my summers in Norway immersed in Norwegian culture and language. American Sign Language: I am a sign language interpreter which has required many years of classes learning the language, learning about the culture of the Deaf world, and interacting with the Deaf community.


Norwegian: Norwegian language classes at the University of Oslo; self-guided learning through textbooks and tutoring from family and friends. American Sign Language: more than three years of Sign Language and Interpreting studies at the college level in Missouri as well as real-world interpreting experience.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

American Sign Language: Alexander Graham Bell was a pretty bad guy, and NOT a friend to the Deaf community. Even today, if you mention his name to a Deaf person they are likely to show a negative reaction!

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Lee11/26/13101010Thank you. Detailed answer
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Lee01/11/10101010Thank you, you were both very helpul .....

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2015-08-25 wondrous things:

Bobby,    Congrats on finding a career that excites you and that you are looking forward to!      1) I've read that ASL interpreters/signers are projected to experience the BIGGEST employment growth spurt

2013-11-26 Is Norwegian worth learning?:

Sorry this has been so long ...    One audio downloadable program available for learning Norwegian is Pimsleur.  I really like it's method and it gives a lot of good instruction for a beginning learner

2013-11-13 Is Norwegian worth learning?:

Matt,    That is really a tough question that truly, only you can answer!      You ask what are the applications of Norwegian.  I assume you  mean, will it be useful?  In a "I'm going to make money from

2013-01-27 translation:

I don't know a thing about Old Norse, Welsh or anything beyond Norwegian and English.  However, I do have a friend that has studied a lot of those sorts of things at a Ph.D level.  I have sent her an email

2010-12-14 learning norwegian:

Hi Liz!      That is a tough question you have asked!  As you are surely aware, Norwegian isn't one of the languages with a ton of learning material out there.      For myself, I would say the best way


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