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I can answer any questions related to Marathi language and Maharashtrian culture. I can also help with any Hindi language questions.

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My mother tongue is Marathi and I have been staying in Maharashtra for 38 years. I know the Maharashtrian culture, festivals and some literature for a long time.


B.Sc (Electronics) Diploma in Computer Applications

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2016-12-12 Hindi language:

Hi Libby,    Here is the translation of all 4 directions from English to Hindi -    North - Uttar  South - Dakshin  East - Poorab  West - Paschim    You can see the actual Hindi script words at the following

2010-09-19 Programs for indian language interpretation:

Hi Kristen,    I have no idea about indian languages graduate programs in USA.    But I can answer your question regarding translations -    Aan - Pride  Qayamat - is the last day or the day of resurrection

2010-03-27 dialects:

Hi Henrik,    Sorry for the late reply.    You can find the information of Hindi dialects at the following site -    http://www.experiencefestival.com/a/hindi%20-%20dialects/id/1292409      We can differentiate

2010-02-19 Song Title:

Hi Simon,    Yes. You are almost correct with my name in Devnagari. First name is pronounced as Suchitraa. The 'sh' is little different in Joshi.     Regarding this song, I cannot help because this looks

2009-11-21 Translating "imagine" by John Lennon:

Hi William,    Marathi is similar to Hindi with variations of some words and grammar. It has the same script (Devnagari). But it is not possible to send this in Marathi script.    Following is the Marathi


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