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I am Egyptian; Arabic is my mother tongue. I can answer any question about Arabic language including Fus-ha Arabic, Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. I can also answer questions about Arabic language grammar, as well as questions about Arabic < > English translation. I can answer questions about Egyptian culture and questions about English and Arabic linguistics and linguistics in general. I can answer most questions about Arabic literature and Egyptian History.

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Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is my mother tongue. In addition, I have studied Arabic and English formally at University, as well as translation between them. I have worked on translation research projects, one of them is about problems of collocations in English - Arabic translation. Another one is about the translation of culture specific items in Arabic - English translation with reference to culture specific items in Taha Hussein's "The Days". I have a great deal of knowledge about Egyptian culture, literature and history, since I am Egyptian.


Graduate of Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts, English Department, Linguistics and Translation Section

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2014-02-26 etymology:

Hello Nasim,  A very good Arabic dictionary is Alwaseet (المعجم الوسيط). You can access it at:  http://kamoos.reefnet.gov.sy/  Unfortunately

2014-01-24 Help please :):

Hello Katie,  The translation of "time is gold" in Arabic is "الوقت من ذهب". As for "My heavenly angel", it would be best translated as "م

2014-01-01 Great Sphinx of Egypt:

Hello Kristine,  Generally speaking, the Uraeus on the Nemes is a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, divine power and striking enemies. The cobra represents Wadjet, patron deity of Lower Egypt in Hieroglyphs

2013-04-09 one word:

Hi Itamar,  The meaning of the phrase "the end of the 19th century" in Arabic is "نهاية القرن التاسع ع


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