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I can answer questions about the usage and meaning of Persian words, proverbs, and idioms asked in Persian or English. Controversial grammatical issues are beyond my knowledge. In addition, I cannot corroborate my answer to a question about newly coined slang words. PLEASE do not ask me to translate more than 1 or 2 sentences.

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Persian language is my mother tongue; however, my knowledge is remarkably more than a mere native speaker.


MSc In Mechanical Eng.

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Simon11/23/10101010That's alright, Behzad, I fully understand. Many .....
Simon11/22/10101010Many thanks! Perfect!
Simon10/11/10101010many thanks super
Simon10/08/10101010many thanks Behzad, not to worry, both .....
Simon10/07/10101010many thanks super

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2014-12-01 Persian's Linguistic Issues:

Hello,  I am very sorry for my late reply. I didnít know that my AllExpert account had been reactivated.    I can think of these issues:  - Making plural following the Arabic grammar for the Persian words

2010-11-11 Sentence:

Hello Simon,  it's just a suggestion  در زندگی از رنج گریزی نیست، پ

2010-11-03 Proverb:

Hello Simon,  sorry for my late reply. I think I should stop answering questions here, as it is very difficult for me to dedicate some time to it.    I cannot guess what was the proverb. I can think of

2010-10-08 رواديد:

Hello Simon,  روا means allowed, rightful, and deserving. روادید means seeing something allowed and deserving.  Another word with Ėدید

2010-09-23 نازنین:

Hello Simon,  Sorry for my late reply.   Na:zani:n is a very common name for girls in Iran. It is surprising for me if a man is named na:zani:n; as you said, whatever related to na:z is associated with


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