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Kedar Desai


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I can answer the questions related with Indian Culture and Marathi Language

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I am Maharashtrian.My mothertoungue is Marathi.


I am learning in S.Y.IT.

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Sara11/20/09101010You were so nice and prompt thank .....
Ali03/28/09101010Thanks very much, I appreciate your help .....
Vitali02/10/081010Thank You so much, sir.

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2010-07-18 Beautiful Wound:

Hello Cassandra,  Actually i was trying to find marathi software to type "beautiful wound" in marathi. But i don't have Marathi Translation software. You can translate it with the help of Akruti, Barah

2009-11-21 Translating "imagine" by John Lennon:

Hello William,    As i told earlier in some question's answer, There are lots of softwares like "Akruti" or "Barah" which converts english statement in Marathi / Hindi format. In fact using these softwares

2009-03-04 Different cultures:

I think that, There is no rule in any culture that one should marry with other only when they are having same culture.  So, Muslim and Nepali girl can get marry with themselves. But off course girl should

2009-03-03 to Kedar Desai:

In Hindi Language 'I love you' sounds like 'main tumse pyaar karta hoon' this is perfect.  and Hindi characters for that are as follows:  मैं तुमसे प

2009-01-14 Can you help me with my tattoo?:

Dear Sanna,  You want the hindi translation of following sentence:  Always live in the moment  हमेशा पल में जियो (hamesha


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