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I am from Kerala State in India, and I can answer most questions regarding the Culture of Kerala and Malaylam language and literature. I can also answer questions about Hindi literature and a pan-Indian culture to some extent

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I have studied Hindi formally for 7 years and now, in Hyderabad where I work , teaching English, I have had to communicate in Hindi outside of the university. Malayalam is my mother tongue, and though I have studied it formally only for 10 years, I am very fluent in it and speak and read it as well as I do English. I have done a number of translations from Hini and Malayalam to English and vice versa.


Ph.D in English First Rank in BA for Hindi as second language. Have had Articles, stories, poems etc written and published in all three languages andwon the University Talent Festival crown for two years by getting the first prie in extempore speech ontest, again all three langes.

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Simon03/06/10101010many thanks excellent
Richard06/13/091010Thanks, Sindh for the good work. I .....
Cat06/09/09101010Thank you :)
Ali03/28/09101010Many thanks, I appreciate your help.

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2007-12-09 meaning of a phrase:

Credentials are usually documents which certify or act as evidence or testimonials concerning one's right to credit, confidence, or authority.Until his credentials have been presented and found in proper


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