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I can answer questions in basic algebra and any grade school math.

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Love math, currently helping my nephew get through Intermediate Algebra.


I majored in Math Ed in college (but decided not to teach), so have over 40 credits of math.

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Kenneth01/13/17101010thank you for the reply and solution!
Kenneth01/11/17101010Thanks for the reply!
bob12/21/16101010This was the same answer I had .....
Muhammad Ali12/05/15101010 

Recent Answers from Lynn Houston

2015-11-30 Average Annual Rate?:

I think there is a typo in your book b calculations, but the reason the average is higher than the absolute is because you're extrapolating the data to fill in the full year.  Taking the average assumes

2015-11-10 Need help to figure this out:

I'm saying, if you have space for 54 hangers, 27 on each side of the divider, then you can store 54 blouses if you put on each per hanger.  By putting 2 per hanger, you might have room for 1 or 2 less

2015-11-10 Need help to figure this out:

Sorry, I goofed, I was thinking 17 hangers instead of 27.  If you lose one hanger space due to the added thickness of having 2 blouses per hanger, you'll still have 25 more blouses hung.  Even if you have

2015-11-09 Need help to figure this out:

If I understand correctly, your question is whether you can hang more blouses in one area by putting just one blouse per hanger or putting more than one? The answer is more than one.  If you put 2 per

2015-08-10 Cant figure this out:

Generally speaking, you will always fit more clothing hanging them rather than stacking.  The hope chest is 3 inches longer, but you don't tell me how deep it is (or the width of your hangers).  Based


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