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I am a long time member of mythological creatures here at all experts I specialize in Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology I also have a lot of knowledge of cross over usage of mythology in books and current day affairs

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I have been reading almost everything I could find about Norse and Greek mythology since I was seven. I have written a paper about the story of Eros and Psyche I have done extensive research after the parallels between Greek mythology and the bible



I followed a few classes at university about Greek mythology.

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2016-06-15 Hidden Talents:

Hi Zoe,    your question had me baffled but I will try to answer it a bit  If I did not get youur meaning than dont hesitate to explain some more (and I will answer quicker)    one of the creatures I always

2016-03-04 Research for my project:

Hi Kathy,    mythological creatures can be grouped in any way you would like.  There is no one way they are grouped together  There is no official census or any specific rules so I do not understand this

2015-04-27 research project on mythology:

Dear James,    as I am better versed in Greek Mythology I will answer your question from that perspective.  In the myth about Zeus' birth and subsequent killing of his father and rescue of his siblings

2014-11-05 apotropaic imagery:

Hi Carly    This is kind of a hard question to answer.  I know for a fact that Nike and Hermes were gods to ask for luck.  Other than a real god things to meant good luck were a thunderclap without lightning

2014-10-14 Feminists in Mythology:

Dear Lynn    I would really love to help you and I can tell you that although I am male I did follow some classes about feminism in Mythology.  That is the good news  The bad news: Greek mythology is mainly


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