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* Please be aware that I am en expert in Greek MYTHOLOGY, not history * I can answer quite a few questions regarding Classical Greek & Roman Mythology. Since answers can be sent by email, I may also include descriptive pictures also to help you understand better about the character or story your query is about.

Experience in the area

I became interested in the subject at a very early age, and learnt more and more as I grew up by visiting libraries and browsing through the internet. I believe to have a very wide knowledge on the subject.


Primary (3-10 years), Secondary (10-16 years) and Post-secondary (16-19 years) education.

What do you like about this subject?

The fascinating stories behind each character, and how some relate in giving meaning to modern-time things.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I don't have any particular area I wish to know more about. I hope I'll learn more as I grow up...

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Greek & Roman mythology is the exact same thing except that gods have different names! This happened because Romans 'stole' Greek myth and made it their own!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The Greek Gods and Goddesses lived a life as much human as humans themselves! Zeus was an adulterer, Aphrodite a lustful deity, Hera incredibly jealous...they were not the perfection one must reach for as are religions set for today, but Greeks rather thought that, since some things were left to happen by the all-knowing gods of Olympus, it must have meant they did them themselves!!

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Recent Answers from Sean Caruana Webster

2016-12-09 Greek Mythology:

Hi Zach, apologies for my late reply and I hope you are still in time to apply these answers to your questions for help!    1) Mythology in itself is rich in ancient culture and helps in revealing how

2016-10-14 Phorcys and Astraeus:

Oh I see. Well I will add to your list of animal symbols as follows:     Zeus- bull  Hera- cow, cuckoo  Apollo- dolphin  Artemis- hound  Aphrodite- dove  ****************  Demeter- winged snake/ dragon

2016-10-12 Phorcys and Astraeus:

Hi William,    well to be quite honest I haven't come across these descriptions relating to Phorkys & Astraeus. The former was indeed a chthonic marine deity and, like his sister-wife Keto, was abominable

2016-05-11 Greek Mythology:

Dear Zakiyyah Wade,    yes, the gods had magic powers which they controlled and used at will. Some powers they used for their gain, like Zeus who changed into various forms to seduce women, and other times

2016-04-06 Lost Mythology Book:

Hello William,    by the sounds of this book it seems that it is quite an informative book- one which I must say I have not come past by unfortunately.  I do however have books with family trees; I also


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