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I have studied molecular biology & cell biology. I would be happy to answer your general questions on cells, their organelles, membranes and host-pathogen interaction. I will not answer questions on basic biology.

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James06/23/09101010Great answer! Your explanation was articulated very .....

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2010-02-11 blood type ?:

Most of the time the body recognizes if there are any cells that are injected which are not the same as your own. Besides blood groups, every individual has cells with unique signature molecules. If anything

2009-10-16 Biology:

Just as many processes add membrane to the PM, similarly membrane is also taken from the PM and added to the organelles inside the cell e.g. endocytosis. Therefore there is no net increase in PM. This

2009-08-04 gene's:

Yes of course......  During development of the infant, these genes/DNA program cells of the body so that they become differentiated/specialized into different body cells that in turn form different body

2009-08-04 gene's:

A gene is nothing but simply a piece of DNA that will finally code for proteins. It consists of all the information that is necessary for replication and transcription which takes place in conjunction

2009-06-22 Microscopy/Cell biology:

You have to make z-section of the fixed cells in which nucleus is stained with DAPI. Labeling your protein with fluorescent antibody and looking for co-localization with the nucleus can tell if the protein


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