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I will answer questions relating to the identification of bacterial and fungal isolates using phenotypic (macroscopic/microscopic appearance, biochemical bench tests, fatty-acid analysis) as well as genotypic (RiboPrinting) methods. I can also answer questions relating to environmental microbiology, especially those specifically relating to the pharmaceutical industry. I am less familiar with clinical microbiology.

Experience in the area

I have worked within the biotech industry for 9 years, most of that time spent in a Quality Control Microbiology laboratory setting. Within the laboratory, I routinely performed bioburden testing; sterility testing; gel-clot and kinetic LAL testing; biological indicator testing; stability testing; microbial limits testing; media performance/growth promotion testing; microbial identifications testing using API, Vitek, MIDI (GC-MIS) and RiboPrinter identifications systems; total/fecal coliform testing; environmental monitoring; media preparation; stock culture maintenance; qualification of identification test kits and QuantiCult Plus organisms. I executed the QC validation of the DuPont Qualicon RiboPrinter Microbial Characterization System. I also supported sites internationally with the fungal/microbial identification process, the RiboPrinter assay, stock culture maintenance and the microbial identification process flow.


Nationally Registered Microbiologist, American Society of Microbiology (2005)


Applied and Environmental Microbiology


B.S. in Microbiology (2000)

Awards and Honors

Received my company's 'Best Practice Award' for the Validation of the RiboPrinter Microbial Characterization System, 2004

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