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I can answer questions about invertebrates native to California, including insects commonly found in homes. If you have an identification request, please attach a photo to your question.

Experience in the area

I was involved in collection and identification of invertebrates for the United States Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division for six years. Also, I provided these same services intermittently for the UC Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment for many years. I have been a member of AllExperts.com since 2009.


Department of the Interior: United States Geological Survey, Davis Field Station; University of California, Davis Aggie Alumni Association; UC Davis Center for Neuroscience; U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs


I have two B.A.'s from the University of California, Davis and two Associate's degrees from Sacramento City College.

Awards and Honors

Special Thanks for Achieving Results award from the Department of the Interior

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Amabel04/18/17101010Fast reply, thank you for the help .....
Matt12/21/16101010Thank you so much!
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Recent Answers from Jessica Mellinger

2017-04-16 Beetle found in the house:

Hello Amabel,    You have weevils, which are a common pantry pest. They are not dangerous, but might be getting into the dry grains you eat (rice, etc.). Don't worry-- your kids are fine! I recommend looking

2016-12-15 bronze-colored beetle with red legs:

Hello Matt,    Thank you for the details and clear photo. This lovely bronze beetle is a type of leaf beetle in the genus Chrysolina. You can find some photos and information here: http://bugguide.net/node/view/20989

2016-12-13 info on insect please:

Hello Jill,    Thanks for your question and the photographs. You have ants. This looks like a red imported fire ant, which you have probably seen before without the wings. Ants with wings are ants whose

2016-12-01 Centipedes:

Hello Marissa,    Thanks for your question. You are correct that they are not dangerous. They eat other household pests, such as small insects and even cockroaches. They can be creepy though! I understand

2016-09-30 Can you please identify this bug:

Hi Diana,    I am very sorry for any discomfort you may be experiencing. Make sure to clean the bite with soap and water and watch for unusual symptoms. Consult a doctor if you notice any symptoms that


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