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I can answer any questions about insects and spiders.

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I have taught science for over 57 years. I am presently teaching biology at the college level. I have done extensive graduate work in entomology.


Momentum Magazine The Ohio Journal of Science


B.S. In Ed Kent State Unuv M.Sc The Ohio State Univ National Science Foundation Fellowships: Electron Microscopy Univ of California Entomology Kent State Univ

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2017-04-13 Spider identification:

AS far as I can see this is just a common spider and is not in anyway dangerous to cats.Texas only has two spiders to be concerned about: black widows and brown recluse. The widows rarely invade houses

2017-04-13 Spider identification:

Hello Heather    Very interesting question.  First of all I cannot identify this spider to a species because I cannot see the eye patterns and other features. I do believe that it could be a black house

2017-02-13 bugs above sink and on window:

Ant drones all have wings  because mating occurs in flight. Most drones however never encounter a Queen    AS to the size,  Some ants are so small they can barely be seen be the naked eye     After seeing

2017-02-11 bugs above sink and on window:

Hi Karen   The photos are very fuzzy but these appear to be Drone (male) ants. Are they anywhere else in the house  The drones come out periodically as part of the mating ritual. it is difficult to find

2017-02-02 what kind if bug:

I have been searching this bug Jason and have not yet come up with anything.  It is a beetle but I am not sure about beetles in the Phillipines. They do not look like Ohio beetles. The top view is blurry


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