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I can answer any questions about insects and spiders.

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I have taught science for over 57 years. I am presently teaching biology at the college level. I have done extensive graduate work in entomology.


Momentum Magazine The Ohio Journal of Science


B.S. In Ed Kent State Unuv M.Sc The Ohio State Univ National Science Foundation Fellowships: Electron Microscopy Univ of California Entomology Kent State Univ

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Anneli10/28/16101010Dear Walter, thank you for your kind .....
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2016-10-27 Bugs in our kitchen:

HI Anneli   You are correct. This is a immature cockroach. This means that you may be able to nip any population explosion in the bud because they are not breeding yet. Try getting things under control

2016-10-10 What are these bugs?:

Stuff like this makes me furious Dee. These exterminators are ripping you and your employer off. You have sent photos and I do not recognize any bedbud from these photos. The darker ones appear to be dermestid

2016-10-08 Unknown insect, help please.:

Hi Heidi   Indentifying insects often requires a close up exam involving Legs,antennae ,etc I cannot much detail from these photos. From what I can tell is that this may be Beetle larvae. I also believe

2016-10-06 Centipede?:

Hi Jim   At first glance I thought this was a roundworm commonly found in pets but then I notice the small legs and the definite head and antenna. This looks like the Long Red Centipede. (Strigamia) Centipedes

2016-10-04 color vision:

Hi Peter   Grasshoppers do have color vision But the detection of color as in most insects involve the shorter wave lengths toward the UV end of the spectrum. Color is used as sexual attraction in some


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