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I can answer any questions about insects and spiders.

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I have taught science for over 57 years. I am presently teaching biology at the college level. I have done extensive graduate work in entomology.


Momentum Magazine The Ohio Journal of Science


B.S. In Ed Kent State Unuv M.Sc The Ohio State Univ National Science Foundation Fellowships: Electron Microscopy Univ of California Entomology Kent State Univ

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Recent Answers from Walter Hintz

2016-12-25 Insect:

Hi Ricquia   To identify an insect I have to see more details but from the shape I am sure this is a grain beetle one of the common pantry pests. This could mean that you have an infestation starting in

2016-12-13 Bugs crawling on my wallpaper:

Hi Rene    These are Psocids or booklice.  They may occur wherever there are moist conditions. If there are a few on the wall there are a lot more somewhere. To get rid of them you will have to find out

2016-12-13 thrips and chigger:

Chiggers can be seen with the naked eye but they are very small. They appear as a black dot but if you look closely you can see legs. Thrips are easily seen and are elongated but are elusive. They have

2016-12-05 Ant Farm:

Hello again Kristine    I did a little research about ant Queens and I found that there is a federal law against buying Queens, unless you have a permit and I am not sure how you would get one.   Capturing

2016-11-30 Ant Farm:

Hi Kristine   I think it is great that your son is interested in insects, especially ants.  I began my love for bugs at about 6 years of age and I have been studying ants for many years. We live on a world


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