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Any questions (except private) answered from the 1st grade level on up pertaining to any aspect of Weather. I am a 20 year member of the American Meteorological society and a long time forecaster of eastern United States snow storms and Hurricanes.

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Prashant S Akerkar 09/01/16101010Dear Don Thanks. Prashant
Prashant S Akerkar 08/31/16101010Dear Donald Thanks. Prashant

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2016-08-31 Rainbow visibility in Desert.:

Hi Prashant     The answer is yes.    When the sun is low on the horizon with the sunlight going through falling rain, with the cloudiness above the falling rain, a rainbow will result.    https://eo.ucar

2016-08-30 Checking Temperature in Snow.:

Hi Prashant    Snow temperature is measured by various thermometers but a more exact method is using a PT100 platinum resistance thermometer.

2016-08-23 hurricane question:

Hi Ben    I think the probability is much higher than that.    Two tropical storms can merge under the right conditions:

2016-08-16 Natural cloud formation:

Hi Frank    The question is a good one!    You are seeing the moisture in the airplane exhaust condense into visible contrails:

2016-08-03 California High Pressure System:

Hi Mark    High pressure areas are caused by both warm air and cold air (at different times)depending upon the season and location. California typically is more impacted by the cold air type.    For more


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