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I can answer questions on World War Two weapons, tactics, and strategy. I can answer questions on Weapons systems and their development. I can answer guestions on Space exploration history. I am a World War 2 expert. I study Military Weapons Systems and the usage of those systems.

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I work for Saint Petersburg College as a TRS or Technology resources specialist. I read 10 to 15 books a year on World War 2 and weapon systems. I also have a BA in History from USF.


I have a BA in history from USF.

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2016-12-04 WWI:

Greetings  I have been unable to find anything in my library but there are always possibilities.  There are several websites below that may help. is a pay site and I would say last resort

2016-11-29 50 caliber MG:

Mike  Greetings  I have been unable to find any specific information on the rifling tooling you mentioned.  I did find some resources that might help.  Please check the links.  The last link is for Westinghouse

2016-11-21 New Zealand Armored Corps Weapons:

Greetings    The NZAC used a mix of British and American made equipment.  New Zealand did attempt to design and build a tank called the Schofield Tank.  It was not built or used in battle but was very

2016-09-08 Douglas MacArthur as Europe's WW2 Supreme Commander:

Greetings    Now that is a fun question.  MacArthur would have done very well in Europe for a number of reasons.  As a what if; say Ike was killed in a plane crash and the Pacific war either down to a

2016-08-29 Stalingrad Relief Column:

Greetings  General Erhard Raus from Austria was a tank command in the German Army World War 2.  He wrote a book called Panzer Operations: The Eastern Front Memoir of General Raus, 1941-1945.  The battle


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