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I can answer questions on World War Two weapons, tactics, and strategy. I can answer questions on Weapons systems and their development. I can answer guestions on Space exploration history. I am a World War 2 expert. I study Military Weapons Systems and the usage of those systems.

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I work for Saint Petersburg College as a TRS or Technology resources specialist. I read 10 to 15 books a year on World War 2 and weapon systems. I also have a BA in History from USF.


I have a BA in history from USF.

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John04/13/17101010Thank you so much for the help!
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2017-04-11 Technology changes that helped close in on the enemy during WWII:

Greetings  For the US Army the tactics for closing with the enemy was called Fire and maneuver.  Using machine guns to keep your enemy down or massed fire from semiautomatic weapons would keep an enemy

2017-04-03 WWII German Tanks:

Greetings    The King Tiger was a Panzer.  Panzer VI Königstiger or Panzer mark 6 King Tiger.  Panzer was the German name for tank.   German tanks were outnumbered on most battlefields.  The US and Soviets

2017-03-01 69th Armor/ 69th Armored Field Artillery:

Greeting  Glad to help.  The 69th Armor Battalion was part of the 1st and then 6th Armored Division during World War 2    The 69th Armored Field artillery was part of the 3rd Infantry Division during World

2016-12-21 Bullet or projectile??:

Greetings  Your shell is very old but is similar to a 37mm round used in the Bofors 37mm anti tank gun.  If it is filled with metal than it is either a training round or armor piercing round.    I am not

2016-12-16 Abkomm-Kammer Film:

Greetings    I am sorry to say I never had the film.  Jason and Crissy owned the film.  I did suggest that they contact the World War 2 museum.      Sorry about this.  I did send them a message asking


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