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I can answer questions pertaining to weapons and tactics, personalities, battles, and strategies in european and U.S. history.

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I was a history major, and had done extensive research in the subject area. I have designed and tested numerous computer games for various
historical periods.


B.A History M.S. Science
I have had the opportunity to live abroad and walk numerous battlefields both in the United States, Europe, and the Pacific.

What do you like about this subject?

Military history is the thread that binds almost every historic civilization to one another. Virturally every great civilization came into conflict with it's rivals. The United States is the most recent example. So what better way to understand today's world than by studying the conflicts of the past.

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Recent Answers from Keith H. Patton

2016-09-08 Probably not a brass cannonball:

Bill:    While later cannon balls were made of iron almost exclusively, I don't think anyone can say that other alloys were not used. In several cases people have in their possession hollow brass balls

2016-08-31 war history of the 141st. A.A.A. Bat. 9th:

Okay, based on the new information, he could have been assigned to either a Machine gun AAA battalion armed with M2 Halftrack mounted Quad .50 caliber guns, or one armed with 90mm guns that were pressed

2016-08-30 WW1 shell:

Sorry, the date is whatever the stamp is on the bottom of the shell. It was 1916 if I recall the photo, not 1914.      I believe the MA M are both for the factory. However I could not find those initials

2016-08-29 Navy seals against Roman Army:

I imagine the Seals would win.    These kind of comparisons are a bit ridiculous and really prove nothing.    If you assume the Roman Legionnaires were brain dead automatons, that would willingly march

2016-08-28 shell casing:

Rick:    More than likely it says "Argonne" as in Meuse Argonne Offensive.    The Meuse Argonne was the American Offensive that ended the war. It lasted 47 days and involved 1.2 million American soldiers


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