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I can answer questions pertaining to weapons and tactics, personalities, battles, and strategies in european and U.S. history.

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I was a history major, and had done extensive research in the subject area. I have designed and tested numerous computer games for various
historical periods.


B.A History M.S. Science
I have had the opportunity to live abroad and walk numerous battlefields both in the United States, Europe, and the Pacific.

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Military history is the thread that binds almost every historic civilization to one another. Virturally every great civilization came into conflict with it's rivals. The United States is the most recent example. So what better way to understand today's world than by studying the conflicts of the past.

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2017-03-16 Pacific war - ww2:

You have probably read enough to understand how warfare has changed over the centuries. Its still changing.    Up to the Napoleonic Wars it was the aim of every general to fight the battle of annihilation

2017-03-07 75 DEC shell:

DEC 75 means de Campagne 75 or Field Gun 75 which it was made for    17 stands for 1917 the year the cartridge was made    PD.PS is the factory that produced the cartridge, could not find specific factory

2017-03-04 Pacific war - ww2:

Simon:    In the 1960's I live on Okinawa less than a mile from the actual battlefield depicted in "Hacksaw Ridge." My families house overlooked Kakazu Ridge which was another bloody meat grinder and I

2017-01-12 Bronze cannon ball:

A couple of things.    First, there were few if any Bronze cannon balls. Bronze was expensive. It was usually reserved for casing cannon as it was more flexible and less prone to bursting. Iron on the

2016-12-30 Queries re WW1:

Germany has always been in modern time a net importer of food and raw materials. In WWII the main reason for invading the East was agricultural land, couched by the euphemism, Lebensraum.    Hitler needed


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