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I can usually handle any question on USA or European history since 1870. I am especially interested in WW2 and Spanish-American War. Also Spanish Civil War and WW1 to a lesser extent.

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Recent Answers from Jim Saurman

2016-04-20 Have a question about the economic impact of WW2 on countries like the US, and Germany.:

There was still an income tax like there was before the war.  The United States, and most of the other countries involved in the war, sold War Bonds.  This was basically where the citizen would lend the

2015-03-07 Grandpas WWII organazation:

All I can tell you is that AAA BN probably means "Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion" and ITRY C probably means "Infantry Company C."    So there were three companies of guys trying to shoot down planes

2015-02-14 Father's unit WW2:

Well first, you need to figure out whether he was in the Army or Marines.  You didn't mention above which it was.    Next I'd try to find any photos of him during the war, and you might be able to gain

2014-01-28 British Naval history:

There are a lot, try:  Master and Commander   Mutiny on the Bounty  Horatio Hornblower series  Blackwell's Paradise  A Divided Command    Anything by Dudley Pope    You can just do a search for "British

2013-06-29 Old pictures:

Tough call on these pictures.   My gut feeling on these three guys is that it is, US Army, Spanish American War... sometime between 1898 and 1900.  Why they are holding hands, I don't know, that is VERY


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