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Rizwan Saleem

United Arab Emirates

help in military history ,war tactics and mobalizations covering world war 2 , vietnam and the 1965,1971 indo-pak wars and some Special operations.

Experience in the area

independent research , collective information through various sources that would give an insight of different perspectives from both sides.


Independent studies and research, various official and non official sources.

What do you like about this subject?

The one constant thing throughout the existence of mankind has been conflict , i hope to understand and make other people do likewise as to the causes and means of warfare and its reasons.

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2016-12-07 Battle of the Bulge:

 Dear Joe,       The strategy was of course the final push towards Germany and the german plan was the final push to stop the allies from breaking out of France and halting their advance. But due to superior

2016-11-29 Battle of the Bulge:

 Dear Joe,     I will be glad to assist you, but the question you have asked cannot be answered briefly. So i will start with the details of the Battle of the Bulge.     The battle was the final push

2016-07-25 148th Engineer Combat Bn:

 Dear Justin,     i do not have much information about this unit but what i can share with you is that they played an integral part in the push towards Germany and were also active in the Battle of the

2016-07-23 148th Engineer Combat Bn:

 Dear Justin,     i cant ascertain much by the field manual but i do know some thing of the 148th combat engineers that participated in the battle of the bulge. Is that the unit you are looking for?

2016-04-25 ww2:

 Dear Timothy,     A very hard choice to make, i cant pick just one, but if i really had to it would be the German Tiger tank, It was versatile, very powerful and an absolute best of a machine which guaranteed


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