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Francesco Marchesani

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I have an indeep knowledge of European history, expecially Ancient, Roman and Medieval history. I focus my attention on military history as well; I have access to a university library with many ancient books.

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Mainly through self study (other than my university studies in laws) I have acquired a good knowledge of the topic, which I enjoy further study.

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Recent Answers from Francesco Marchesani

2013-09-03 Sciabola da cavalleria:

Hello,  the sword (technically it's a sabre) shown in your picture is a Model 1871 cavalry sabre, used by troopers and NCO's from 1871 onward; its variant 1871/29 is still in use nowadays by the Italian

2013-08-28 Italian Military uniform:

Hello,  your picture shows an infantryman (there are no ranks on his uniform, so it's probably he was a private during his compulsory period of military service) who served in the 74th infantry regiment

2013-08-11 Military photo information:

Hello,  the uniform's appearance is compatible with the 7th Lancieri di Milano regiment during the late 1890's: it's definitely a lancier's uniform, and the collar shape is correct (I cannot be 100% sue

2012-05-11 holocaust:

Hello,  the 6 million figure is, sadly, accurate, even though there are always persons who, for various reasons, try to minimize or deny it alltogether.  Not all 6 millions actually received a tattoo,

2012-04-21 military helmet:

Hello,  your helmet looks like a French cuirassier helmet, probably model 1836. On the left side, those two holes show where a plume holder was attached.  This kind of helmet was (and still is, as part


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