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Anything on Ancient Greece and Ancient Macedonia in particular. Alexander the Great, battles, military history of ancient Greece. History, Art, Linguistics.

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Author of numerous articles and a book, including: The Rosetta Stone and the Tendov-Boshevski controversy


Macedonian Fraternity, Chicago Cretan Fraternity, Chicago


Author in American Chronicle, numerous articles:


B Architecture, IIT Ancient Greek, UIC

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2013-02-26 Ancient Greece:

Greece is a country of small plains surrounded by mountains and opened up into the sea. This is true of the mainland and in some ways true of the islands too, although most of the smaller islands are more

2012-11-11 The rise of the nation state:

While there were instances of nation states before the 19th century, the nation state per se is a 19th century phenomenon. Following the American and the French Revolutions, the Greek revolution of 1821

2012-11-06 war guilt clause:

Germany was certainly one of the aggressors in causing WWI. The first shots were shot by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and as soon as the Entente countries responded, Germany found it opportune to jump into

2012-10-18 war guilt clause:

Can you please be more specific?   Are we speaking of the first war war, WWI, first of all? (I want to assume so, but I want to make sure).   Are you simply speaking of the ethical blame or the financial

2012-06-10 Old Art Picture:

I am not an antiques specialist by any stretch of imagination but from what I can see, this is not even printed on seems to have a glister, is that so? I also cannot make the letters in the


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