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I have an MA in History from Vanderbilt with concentrations in Russia and recent Europe and would enjoy answering questions in those areas. Just don`t expect a lot of bibliographical information.

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2014-11-26 global understanding:

in economic terms, strong nationalist feelings usually express themselves in high protective tariffs and in a foreign policy that attempts to create an autarchy, or closed zone of economic self-sufficiency

2014-06-23 sub-Saharan Africa historically:

i dont really know anything about sub-sarahan africa, although i assure you, you would find written language, architecture, high culture in both mali and ethiopia way prior to the 19th century.     there

2013-09-22 European identity:

youre asking about cosmopolitanism vs particularism in europe. in fact, both sentiments have very long histories. sometimes one is dominant; sometimes the other. the greeks, in remote antiquity, designated

2013-03-29 Argumentative Paper:

I got to say I think you could find a better topic. The youngest wwii vets have to be over 85 now, and the youngest ones could hardly have been serious enough war criminals to hunt down. I mean do you

2012-05-04 20th Century France:

First off, I am no French expert. That being said . . .     Certainly the Dreyfus affair.    The Franco-Russian alliance pre WWI.    I would do something on the (in my opinion) disgraceful non-support


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