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I am an expert in Ancient Greek and Roman history.

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Over 25 years teaching experience.


I received my Ph.D. in Classics (summa cum laude)from Genova University (Italy).

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2011-03-10 Ancient Greek Politics:

Hello,    Yes, in the time of Solon, Cleisthenes and Pericles the  city-state of Athens  had a constitution.    The first Athenian constitution was that of Solon in 594 BC we  know thanks to Aristotle‘s

2010-08-04 A few questions about the Italian Renaissance.:

Hello,    Here are my answers:    -1st.QUESTION: “Were taverns popular places in Europe back then? I have a large scene happen in such a tavern, and if they do not exist, I would like to know what would

2010-07-12 Greek history/language:

 Hello,    The ancient Greek word you are looking for is “Ergastérion” (ἐργαστήριον, in Greek letters) just meaning “workshop”, “workplace”, i.e

2010-05-24 galileo galilei:

Hello,    Since you are looking for  a clear and concise  list of  the achievements and discoveries made by Galileo Galilei in his lifetime(1564-1642), here it is:    -Galilean telescope to study celestial

2010-04-22 Women in Ancient Greece:

Hello,    Generally speaking, the freedom of Greek women was extremely limited since the rules and strictures placed on them were great.    As for married women, they  had very limited freedom outside


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